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Things You Have To Prepare Before Your Presentation!

Before doing a presentation, you have to prepare a couple of things so that you’ll have an amazing presentation for your boss, colleagues, etc. But mind that the presentation that you’re going to present is not totally all for them, but also to reflect it on yourself. Maybe these few things to look out for might help you before doing the presentation! 

Being there on time, acknowledging everyone who’s in the room by making contact, using some hand gestures and don’t reading over the presentation are some of many things that you should not do during the presentation. You want the audience to feel present and understand what you’re trying to present in front of them. In that case, here are some tips on what you should do before the presentation!

1. PowerPoint Slide 

First things first, make the presentation in a slideshow. You can use Canva, PowerPoint or Google Slide to begin with. Make sure all of the materials are inside the slide and summarize it so it won’t be long with words. Use some graphics and transitions so it’s not boring for the audience.

2. Outfit Presentation 

Use an outfit that is comfortable for you. Also your outfit must still look professional and not casual like wearing a t-shirt and jeans, well it definitely depends on the work place rules that you have at your company office. Just be yourself when you’re choosing your outfit!

3. Pointers 

Some pointers are definitely allowed, with some laser flash to point at the presentation graphics or data that you wanted to point out. Just don’t use it too much and balance it with some eye contact and gestures or even questions to make it interesting and fun!

4. Notes 

A little note in your hand won’t hurt at all, just write down some of the important things and the talking point in every slide so you’ll remember. Just don’t put every word or important paragraph in your notes, it’ll make you look not ready and understand your presentation.

5. Memorize All The Presentation Materials 

Most important tip for you is to read and understand what you’re trying to present. If you don’t know what you are presenting, then how will the audience understand it better than you?

Don’t be nervous and just be brave and confident about your presentation. Goodluck!

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