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Here’s The Do’s & Don’ts While You’re At The Interview!

There’s so many things you could do at an interview, same as the don’t that you have to avoid while being interviewed. As that said, many of these things are your words, gestures and even your clothing that you wear while at an interview. So, do you feel you have done these things or you haven’t? 

From the list that we are going to give you, you might have checked many from the don’ts knowing that there’s probably a lot of mistakes that you have done. From an internship to a job interview, just remember every mistake that you might have made and turn that into a lesson so that you will not repeat the same mistake again. Without further ado, let’s check the do’s and don’ts! 

1. Going to the interview early 

By attending your interview on time and not being late, it’s already a point plus in the perspective of the company. You have to show them that you are willing to do everything for the job that you’re applying for. It also shows that you are very good at time management.

2. Wear a shirt and a jeans 

Wear something professional and work attire appropriate. If you showed up with a shirt and jeans for example, it just shows that you don’t really take this interview and job seriously to even begin with. So it’s very important for you to wear something professional for your interview.

3. Did not do a research on the position and company 

If you don’t do any research beforehand, it’s kind of hard to get accepted for the job that you’re applying for. You might know a thing or two, but what if you get questions that you don’t even know how to answer? It’s brave yet tricky but it’s definitely a must to do research for the position and company you’re applying for.

4. Ask some inappropriate questions 

At an interview, you are allowed to ask some questions at the very end. The interviewer might seek you to ask a question one or two so that they also know what you’re thinking. 

5. If you want to speak, wait for the interviewer to stop and give you a permission 

Speak when you are given the chance to, not while the interviewer is currently speaking. Wait for them to stop and then you can speak or ask a question if you have the need to.

6. Give the information that the company needs to know and also your strength!

Show your strengths and many information that they might need from you. Give everything that you have and it will definitely help you to shine. Just don’t forget the skills and strength that you have, because those are very important.

7. Control your body gestures and facial expressions! 

Sometimes you can’t control how your facial expressions and body gestures are. That’s why it’s important that before the interview that you will be prepared on how to handle these things. Focus on how you answered the questions, where your hands will do, your face, etc.

Now you know the do’s and don’ts, don’t forget to implement it okay!


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